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A different way to compare loans
The truth about comparison sites With us, it's different!
Most of them only show you "typical" or "representative" rates, not rates you can really get With Freedom For Intermediaries you see your personalised rates
To find out your actual rate, you will have to complete an application with each lender We can pass your information to your chosen lender, so no re-keying of your information
You could damage your credit rating if you apply to multiple lenders Even with multiple quotes there's no risk to your credit rating

We provide accurate rates, not just typical or representative, before you apply

Most comparison sites only show you "typical" and "representative" rates, which can be misleading. In reality, only 1 in 5 applicants actually get the "typical" or "representative" rate, while others may end up with APRCs that are higher.

We're different. Unlike other comparison sites, we calculate your rate accurately, using the lender's criteria plus the information you've given us. That way, the rate you see is the rate you get. That' s because when we calculate your quote, we use the lender' s own scorecard to do it. So you can apply with confidence, knowing there won't be any nasty surprises for you.

We guarantee no duplication

When you apply for a loan through most comparison sites, you're not sure you'll be accepted until you apply to the lender directly. Sadly, on average there's only a 1 in 4 chance of being accepted for the specific loan you're after, so the chances are you'll have to go through the whole process again. But with us, you can avoid the uncertainty. We won't show you a loan unless you've already been accepted for it in principle. So you can go ahead and apply without worrying.

We want to make the process of comparing and applying for loans as simple as possible, so we ensure that you only have to enter your personal details once. Once you have generated your quotes and chosen your preferred lender, you can apply at the click of a button. That's because our systems are totally integrated with the lender's systems, so we're able to send your application details to them directly and securely. You won't have to do anything until the lender contacts you to discuss the final stage of your application. It's quick and easy.

We won't damage your credit rating

Did you know that applying for a loan could damage your credit rating? That's because most lenders perform a "hard" credit search on you before giving you a decision on a loan. This search leaves a "footprint" on your credit record, which can be seen by anyone who searches your record later. The problem comes when you apply to several lenders in a short period of time. This leaves a number of hard "footprints" on you record. In short, too many hard footprints can damage your chances of getting a loan.

We only use "quotation" or "soft" credit searches to generate your personalised quotations, so it won't affect your chances of being accepted for a loan. Quotation searches are often called "soft credit searches" or "soft footprints". This means when we obtain your credit search information on behalf of our lender we only leave a "soft" footprint on your credit record which will not impact on your future credit rating. So you can shop for the right loan for you in the knowledge that you are protecting your credit rating.